Thursday, May 1, 2014

Timothy the teddy bear

Gavin has a surgery buddy, his name is Timothy.

Timothy has been through a few surgeries with Gavin.

On Tuesday when we got the call that there was a last minute surgery opening we had to make some quick decisions.  We felt Gavin needed to help decide if he was ready to go have surgery.  When he woke up I asked him what he thought.  He immediately said "no, I don't want to have surgery.  I don't want to walk."  I told him we could think about it for awhile, we talked about all the good and bad things about surgery.  Gavin buried his face in his pillow and I was sure it was a "no-go".  Then he popped his head up and with and excited voice said, "if I go, can I take Timothy?" 

Well, of course you can  :)

Gavin had to talk to Timothy about this big decision.  They had to talk about the big surgery and the big trip.  After this talk Gavin looked at Timothy with the sweetest little look and said, "I'll do it just for you Timothy"!  Then he gave him a big kiss on the nose and needed a big hug.  

Timothy has been a good traveling buddy and surgery partner in his matching pajamas and casts. 
On the plane

Waiting for surgery

Legs facing forward!!!