Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Lie

I believed the lie.  I got sucked in and still struggle to see it for what it is.  My lie is partly truth and that is why it has been so hard to see The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.
My lie started with the fact that our lives are FULL, BUSY AND STRESSFUL. We had a long and hard 2015.  As the New Year came we desired 2016 to be a year of rest.  We believe God is giving us time to rest, get our feet back on the ground and to regroup. 
This is all good and we know from The Lord.
The issue comes in when I got very protective of "my rest".  I got focused on "my needs".  I slowly and not realizing began to shut my ears to The Lord for fear He might open my eyes to a need around me or call me to love when I just want to "get a break". 
I began to feel more and more selfish and frustrated.  More and more resentful of anyone messing up "my time".
I kept telling myself, "I need this".
I have been dragging my feet as my hubby and I do a Bible Study called Experiencing God.
I went through this study in college and I love it.  It speaks right to my heart.  I was dragging my feet because somehow I didn't trust God.  I was afraid He would give me more to do. 
Well as He always does he finally broke through my wall I was building.  He shed light into my heart and revealed to me the root of my problem.
Can I really Trust God to only guide me to His perfect will? Can I trust God knows what I need? Can I trust God to make known to me where, when and how?

I have finally realized, (and write this to remind myself when I forget) He LOVES ME!  HE KNOWS ME!  HE KNOWS WHAT I NEED! 
HE knows we need to rest and regroup and He will be the one to protect our rest.  He is the one that will renew us. 
I can trust Him.  He will not call me to more than He can handle.  I sink when I take my eyes off of Him and try to do life in my own strength. 
His power and strength are unlimited!  And it is ALL I truly need!!!!