Monday, August 5, 2013

Level Failed!

Confessions of a very bored and lonely momma- sitting here trying not to think about how many more long hours before we go home to the rest of the family.

I play candy Crush a lot!!!!!!
How many times have I read those words
"Level Failed- you did not clear all the jelly"

How many times in our lives do we feel this way?  How many opportunities missed, harsh words spoken, how many times do I put my feelings first?  

So many times I have failed, but each time God gives me more life- another chance.  

Sometimes a level takes days to pass through, sometimes I seek help from a friend or tricks from the web.  Sometimes I get mad and fuss at my phone.  Sometimes I whiz through a level with little thought- kinda like someone else did all the work. 

Oh, this is so much like my life.
I thank God for more lives! I thank God for friends and places to turn for help and encouragement!  And I thank God that sometimes He just takes over.  

Off to conquer the next lesson with His help. ( And maybe another level in Candy Crush). ;).