Monday, August 5, 2013

Level Failed!

Confessions of a very bored and lonely momma- sitting here trying not to think about how many more long hours before we go home to the rest of the family.

I play candy Crush a lot!!!!!!
How many times have I read those words
"Level Failed- you did not clear all the jelly"

How many times in our lives do we feel this way?  How many opportunities missed, harsh words spoken, how many times do I put my feelings first?  

So many times I have failed, but each time God gives me more life- another chance.  

Sometimes a level takes days to pass through, sometimes I seek help from a friend or tricks from the web.  Sometimes I get mad and fuss at my phone.  Sometimes I whiz through a level with little thought- kinda like someone else did all the work. 

Oh, this is so much like my life.
I thank God for more lives! I thank God for friends and places to turn for help and encouragement!  And I thank God that sometimes He just takes over.  

Off to conquer the next lesson with His help. ( And maybe another level in Candy Crush). ;). 

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  1. Praying for you all still! As we struggle with our own operation and recovery period this summer we remind ourselves that these moments of bedside vigil are often the ones that God speaks to us the loudest. Maybe because he has our attention! He even uses games to teach us :). Miss you guys! Wish we could have headed your way before we both got busy. We need to make it happen this fall if we can! Hugs!