Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

So here it goes, I am stealing someone else's idea and doing Thoughts on Thursday. I have too many thoughts to get it all into one post any other way.

The trip Jeromy and I went on was really a lot of fun. We did get some great pics of all of the wonderful sights; it was just more fun to post the silly ones. We were gone for a whole week. No kids and some free time to see the sights. The kids had a wonderful time with grandpas and grandmas and aunts, uncles and cousins. The girls got spoiled by gma Becky and gpa Mark, they went to a fancy dinner, got ice cream, new outfits, went out for hot chocolate and watched movies. Then the rest of the week they all got to play with their cousins, make forts, eat ice cream, make a really cool Father's Day cake and went down to Bayview to see some submarines.

While we were on our trip we found out Jeremy’s uncle Tim passed away. This was really a shock to all of us and very sad. Tim had heart trouble and had just had surgery. It seems he must have passed away a day or so after he got home. Mark and Becky have been working all week to pack up his things and set things in order. His memorial will be July 17th. Please keep Mark and Becky in your prayers.

So, Eli doesn’t sleep until after 11pm and then it is hard to wake him up in the morning. Overall I don’t think he is getting enough sleep. This affects everything and though he is generally content, he is not making any new progress that we can see. I have done some research and I am considering trying to get him into a sleep study. Some people with brain injuries do not produce enough Melatonin. I am hoping and praying that something simple like this could make a difference in his daily activities.

We finished school just before the trip and wow, it feels so good to be done. We immediately pulled the school stuff out of the bedroom and we are off to a good start on making it look more like a bedroom than a disaster zone. Goal: by next fall have the schoolroom in the new house set up.

Speaking of the new house, well we have stairs now. The progress is slow, but someday it will be done. The bigger Eli gets the more I realize how nice it will be to have a wheelchair/ hoyer lift accessible home. God knows our needs and I know it will be done in His time.

Thursday is almost over so I better call it quits before this becomes Thoughts on Friday. That just doesn't work.

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  1. For some reason I thought it was Becky's brother.... I am so sorry.

    Glad you guys had a great getaway! Every couple needs that!

    Interesting about Eli....keep us updated.