Sunday, September 12, 2010

Have you considered........?


Many of you have adopted and or considered adopting. Many of you are just waiting for God's timing to bring another child into your home. But some of you may have only had the thought skip through your mind. I just want to ask and plead for you to consider adoption and or foster care. I ask that if you have never been on your knees before the Lord God Almighty concerning adoption that you would do it today.

Please do not allow any earthly concern to stop you from at least asking the Lord if this is something you should consider. Please be willing to pray for His will. I know God does not call everyone to adopt but I do believe He calls us all to be willing to care for the orphan. This can be done in many ways and He will guide each of us down whatever path He has for us.

My heart is so broken tonight as I see another sweet child desperate for a family. I never knew this before but it seems in Eastern Europe it is possible that they will move children with disabilities to an institution when they turn 5 years old. Gavin just turned 5 and if he were there in an orphanage his hope would be gone. He would no longer be on a list to be adopted. I know God can touch and minister to kids, even those in institutions, but I know I would die before I let Gavin be raised there and I Hate, Hate, Hate to think any child could not know the love of a family.

If you have concerns about your age or you income tell the Lord and He will show you if this is something He wants to overcome. He loves these children more than we all could put together. I know He loves us as much too. He will not lead you down a path He is not going to light. I am not promising it will be easy or that all issues will melt away, but I am promising if He calls you to adopt or be a foster family then He will equip you and He in his time will show you the way He has for you.

Would you consider taking teenagers. There are so many that think their time is up. No one wants to take a teenager. The teenagers we have had have been such a joy. Problems-probably, but worth it-yes!

If you have room consider a sibling group. We know 3 sisters that were adopted together and if you have ever seen them together they are like one. I think if they had been separated they may not have survived. They are so fortunate to have been chosen by an older couple that was willing to say yes to all of them not just the baby.

If you don't have money to pay for an adoption consider foster to adopt. This program places children in your home as a foster child. You are paid the foster care rate. It isn't a bunch of money but it does help cover the costs of having an extra child in the house. Then if the child becomes free for adoption they can be yours for ever. When we adopted our boys we were able to get adoption assistance because of their special needs. It is no guarantee, but it is a very inexpensive way to adopt.

I do not know your situation but I am seeing more clearly everyday the situation many children are in. Some here in our community some all the way around the world. They all need love and many of them are in great need of homes and families.

Here is a link to a beautiful little girl with lower limb arthrogryposis. There are so many kids of every age, race and need. Only God knows the child He has chosen for you.

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  1. Sadie wants Abigail for a little sister. I have thought about adoption a lot. My heart aches for these children. Waiting for God to touch Jay's heart about it.