Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's Eli Up To?

Eli is getting so active these days.

Eli is in a power wheelchair with a head array. When he moves his head from side to side he can make the wheelchair go in circles. He loves this and it is a great way for him to get more head control.

Eli in his Lycra swing. This swing is great for movement, sensory work and encouraging verbal responses.
We often stop bouncing him and try to get him to say "more".

Scooter time is fun for Eli, sometimes frustrating, but he can move his legs and make himself move. He is getting a better crawling pattern.

We went to a fall party @ our therapists house and Eli got painted.
Now he really is our little E-lion.


  1. Ahhh.... I just love that last picture of him! He looks so happy! Thanks for sharing this, it's nice seeing improvement and seeing what this lil guy has been up to!

  2. That's great! Man...he's really getting around!