Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curious Minds Want to Know!

I have had a lot of questions about our upcoming trip to Uganda, so here is the scoop, the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop.

When: April 4-16th

Where: Kampala, Uganda

For great maps of the location:

Kampala is the capital of Uganda. It is on the north side of Lake Victoria.
It is said to be a safe place and quite beautiful. We will be there during the rainy season and it looks like it should get up into the 80's Yippee! Notice we are just above the equator.

Why: We are going to love on orphans. Some in orphanages and some that live on the streets. We are doing this because these children need people to love them and we feel it is our turn. We are God's hands and feet. It is His heart that these children are cared for. We know we will only be there a short time and I feel maybe we won't even make a difference. When we leave they again will need food and love. I pray this trip is one that will change eternity for someone.
I pray that through these stories maybe someone will feel God's call to adopt a child with no hope. I pray that someone will feel called to go long-term and serve where I don't feel I can. I pray that this will be the beginning of going as well as sending funds to assist these sweet children. I know there are kids around the world that need God and love and food. I pray that this will be a little flame that will help to begin to make a fire roar. A fire that can be felt and seen by "All the Children of the World".

Who: I am going with 2 of my friends from church, Terah and Kaylee. Both had only 24-48 hours to commit to the trip. Terah hadn't really planned on a journey like this but her and her husband have seen God leading this direction for their family so she is following God's lead. Kaylee has been ready for missions and has just been waiting for God to show her when and where.

We are going with a team lead by Linny and Emma. They are the wife and daughter of Senior Pastor of The River Church.

The River Church website if you are interested.

As you already know, I have been following Linny's blog for some time now. She loves the Lord and loves the orphans, and when you put those two passions together you get a dynamic ministry.

There are 19 of us on the team!

How: I saw the post on Linny's blog inviting crazy ladies to join her. I sent for an application and here we go. It was really a simple process. Linny and whomever she confers with said I could go. Yippee! So thanks to some wonderful friends and family and a nice tax return we will send in the money for the trip and off we go. My passport is in process and I still need to get my Yellow Fever shot. Maybe this week. :(

And the kids will be in good hands. While Jeromy is at work, my mom will have the kids. She does great with all of their needs and Jeromy is a super dad and can handle diapers, therapy, meds. and setting Gavin up on the Wii. The girls are great at helping with laundry and dishes and some sweethearts from church are helping with meals for the family while we are gone. So really I don't think they even need me, but I need them so I promise I will be back.

We do ask for your prayers. We pray that this will not just be a time of meeting physical needs but ultimately a time to meet spiritual needs. Maybe our true mission will be in the airport or on the plane, but pray that we can lovingly share the hope we have anytime the Spirit leads. Pray for us as I know it will be hard to be away from our own families and babies and it will be hard to leave babies in Africa with no mommies. Please pray for our children. God is working in the hearts of our kids. Little Gwen already has a heart for the orphan and Kaly and Ayla want to go with us. I know this trip is not just about this trip, it is giving these kids a passion at a young age to want to make a difference in this world to serve God and help others.

Thank you all for your support we could not go without hands and feet here in Idaho supporting us and helping us and our families during this exciting journey.


  1. Again. So excited for you!...and what an amazing team you have covering for you - cause we all know it takes a team to cover for you!

  2. My daughter Hannah is going with you and quite frankly, I wish I had committed to go as well! I'm SO excited for all of you and all that God is going to do through you and in you! Hannah is 18 and this is her first mission trip. I'm so glad she will have lots of "moms" with her. I will be praying for all of you!

  3. I am going too! I am so excited to get to read/meet some of you who are going. I am working on getting my very neglected blog updated so you all can get to know me too. See you face to face in just a handful of weeks :)