Saturday, March 12, 2011

Updates~Just in Case You Ever Wondered

I thought I would update everyone on some things I have posted about in the past. I do not want to leave anyone hanging in suspense and not be able to sleep due to my lack of keeping up. lol So, hear goes...

Africa~ we have our passports! Thank you much to those who have been praying for us.

My teammates~ I mentioned I would share about my 2 partners from church and never got back to it. So, here it is in a nutshell since I think most of my readers are related to my 2 partners in some form. lol

About a week after I found out about the trip, I got an email from Terah. For some reason when I was replying to her I felt the urge to invite her to join me on the trip. So, I sent the email with a p.s. "Do you want to go to Africa?" Then I went to my sweet husband, Jeromy, and told him what I did. He said, "she will think you are crazy." I said, "yep, I think she will." Well long story short, she didn't get my little question. I never got a reply and figured I would let it go. Then a few days later, at an evening church event, she and I started to visit and I said, did you get my email about Africa? She was surprised and said, "no" but she was obviously very interested. She wanted to know more and when we met up again less than 5 minutes later she had already talked to Lyle and he said, "yes".

WOW! So we talked and her sister Heidi got involved in the conversation and I thought for awhile she might come too. (Maybe next time Heidi. :) Well in less than 48 hours Terah committed to the trip and God has shown himself in many ways providing for her and making a way for her to go. And now the last major hurdle is taken care of and she has her passport. YIPPEE!

If that was not enough to keep me praying and dancing and yelling with excitement the day we finally got all of our information to our leader at the last second, I got a call. Sweet Kaylee called to find out about the trip. Me of little faith told her today was really supposed to be the day we had everything in. She said, "well do you think I could send Linny a message and see?" Well yeah that wouldn't hurt. So the next morning I got an email from Linny asking about Kaylee and said she really wanted her to go. So we spent a lot of time that day emailing and calling and getting important information to Linny. Another huge day of jumping up and down, yelling with excitement and a day of serious prayer. BTW Kaylee had already been working toward a mission opportunity that didn't work out. I am sure at the time she didn't know God had a trip planned for her with her own cousin. I am so thankful that God worked it out so she would be ready for this trip.

So, there you have it. My version of the story of how Terah, Kaylee and I became partners. Just in case you ever wondered.

Here are some random updates on old posts.

Cloth Diapers~ done! gave them away, no surprise I am sure, I just don't have the motivation to keep up with them.

Gavin's counseling~remember the "I Can't Walk' post". I can't remember what I last posted about this and I am too lazy to go all the way back to find out. he he! We finished counseling and we feel Gavin is dealing very well with his grief. For a while the subject of not walking was a big thing and I am sure it will resurface, but for now I think our openness and encouraging him to share his thoughts and feelings has really done what he needed. This was recently tested at a therapy appointment the other day. A little boy about 7 years old told Gavin he just needs to practice walking after all that is how he learned. Gavin didn't seem phased, rolled over and said I can't. He was very matter of fact and moved on. I told the boy that Gavin can do a lot of things but his muscles in his legs do not work like his. After a lengthy conversation the little boy decided a Dr. should just cut out Gavin's muscles and put in new ones. All the time Gavin was interested but seemed to be thinking "oh another kid that thinks he knows it all". Anyway I was nice to the little boy and told him he should grow up and be a Dr. someday since he has it all figured out.

Updates complete~stay tuned for some upcoming posts about the trip to Uganda and hopefully what God is doing in our little neck of the woods. He is always faithful and He is always teaching us new things, not that we can keep it to ourselves but, so we can share and Glorify His name.

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  1. Really? That was being nice to the kid? Sounds like you have the same version of nice as I do. Sarcasm! Works for me. I apologize ahead of time if my kids say anything. I've tried to prepare them, but I really don't know that much about Gavin and Eli's handicaps. Only what I read on here and only so much of it sticks in my mind, because, of course, I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis. They're usually pretty good about it and actually really enjoy people who are different from them. One of their favorite people at camp last summer was Jeffrey, who was born deaf, so has never heard sounds and can't talk. They thought he was interesting to "talk" to and yes, they learned quite a bit of sign language.