Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Birthday Prayer!

Dear Sweet girl,

As your birthday comes to a close today we pray a prayer for you.

We pray that this year you will see God work a mighty work in your life, that you will lean on Him and trust in Him as a daddy. We pray that God will work all things together for His glory and that part of His plan will be that you will be able to come live as a wonderful part of our family.

We pray that you will know that you are a treasure to God and that He loves you so much.

God Bless You Sweet Girl!

We beg for your prayers that the paperwork we sent to adopt Our Girl will be sufficient to meet the requirements and that we will be cleared to adopt her. God has worked already in our behalf and we trust he will continue to make a way for this to be possible.

Thank you so much to and family, you guys made it possible to get this far!


  1. Praying! Praying! Let us all watch God move this mountain! Praise Him for the perfect answer that is best for all of his beloved.

  2. Happy birthday, Olya!

    Stacy you and Jeromy are the most wonderful people I know. I am so blessed to know you. Love ya!

  3. And I have to add, love the song "Blessings." I won the cd from a blog giveaway and can't get enough of it! It's perfect for the phase of my life I am in, healing from my past!