Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update Already!

I am so excited to share that our USCIS officer called this morning!!!

I put off the last post for so long, not sure how much to say.
Not wanting to show my anxious heart.
I wanted to wait till it was all good news.

God has much different plans than I.
Last night when editing the last post it published.
This has happened before, but it seems He had bigger plans.

He knew you all would be praying and He wants us to share our burdens with each other.
As my good friend reminded me this morning, this way you can all be part of this journey with us.

After waiting for over a month to get an answer about paper work we got exactly what we needed/wanted.

We do need to fill out an I-600a and mail in our home study, but our officer said we do not need to send in any more paperwork. What we have is sufficient!

I know God is good all the time, but man it sure feels good to see Him working things out in this process and giving us hope that this really is His plan.


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