Sunday, November 27, 2011


Before I left for Uganda I told my friend that I did not feel like God was leading us to adopt from Uganda. Though I loved the idea.

But then I got there and held these adorable mommyless little children and thought surely God was calling us to adopt. :)

Well the little guy that got my heart the most was Jethro.

He was recovering from a major burn on his stomach and needed extra holding.
As I held him the nurse came to give him his medicine.
She forced it in him as I held him, realizing he was beginning to choke, I tried to sit him up and let him catch his breath, she kept pushing in the meds.

I got pretty emotional and had to step away for a bit.
A little later I asked her what his medicine was for....
her answer... for his cough.

All I could think was maybe his cough was from aspirating his meds.

I don't know the whole story and I do not mean to criticize, at least he had opportunity to have medicine. It just seemed this little guy was not favored in this place. It seemed he was one of the least of the least. It seemed that many of the mamas didn't like him much.

As I went back each time I tried to hold him and he seemed to remember me. One afternoon as he was being fed by a volunteer he saw me and threw his hands up for me to hold him.

What fun it was to hold him. He absolutely loved my paper bead necklace and would pull on it and suck on it.

After arriving home and as I tried to process our trip I would wear my necklace and think of Jethro. I prayed for him all the time and he is the one we contacted the orphanage about adopting. Our answer was "check back in 3 months", but in my heart I knew it was "no".

It didn't really make sense to me until we heard about our girl, but even then I felt like God had to have a plan for Jethro. As my little mind works I tried to scheme up a plan like ....
bring our girl home and then start adopting Jethro.

I knew it was my plan and not God's, but I just couldn't believe that God would leave him an orphan. I felt very passionate to pray for him and I have learned that God does this in my heart so I will pray and He always has a plan.

So I prayed, and just this week I heard wonderful news!

Jethro is being adopted. A wonderful couple that loves the Lord.
A couple that has been to Uganda and met Jethro has heard the call and not only are they adopting him they are going to live in Uganda at least for a time.

I know God had this plan and He would have worked it out even without my prayers, but it is so wonderful to know a little guy and pray for a little guy and be moved by God to intercede and then get to sit back and watch a beautiful family come together.

Jethro couldn't have a better family because I know that they are the family God chose for him.


God has big plans for you little guy, and like the Jethro that gave wisdom to Moses, I pray God will give you wisdom to share with those God places in your life.

You are a treasure and a joy and I pray you will be blessed all the days of your life with the love that only God can give.


  1. I have a lump in my throat, Stacy. That is soooo beautiful!

  2. Yay, GOD!!!!

    But seriously. Do you have to make me cry EVERYTIME I read your blog? You are so precious!

  3. We are here and Jethro is doing great. He is one of the smartest and most ornery children here. He is healthy and running around like a kid hopped up on sugar. keep us and him in your prayers.

    Papa Jethro