Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Quilt

Quilt by Misty R ~ an orphan lovin' woman and a super great friend.
Olya's quilt is beautiful and absolutely could not be more perfect for her.

We truly want to thank everyone that participated in helping us financially, 
emotionally and spiritually in our journey.

Honestly it was one of the hardest things we have ever done, yet one of the most exciting.
We are still recovering on all levels and we still have a long journey ahead.  

Olya is amazing and doing very well.  She is so sweet and loving and is obviously God's gift to us.
She says having a family is a dream come true. 

 Olya has had many doctor appointments and has many more to go.
We have had some major decisions to make concerning her health and education and she has 16 years of life with no family that she needs to process. 
 We are home but our journey still continues. 

We thank you so much for your prayers, for the gifts, for the welcome home parties.
We thank you for the space to bond with our daughter.
We thank you for your willingness to help her feel welcome and part of the gang.

Thank You ~Thank You ~Thank You
For helping us become a family!

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