Friday, January 4, 2013

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time there was a blogger.  She loved to blog and brag on her family.  She loved to share her thoughts and feel connected to the world.

* Then she got all mixed up with trying to use an IPad which she doesn't like for blogging, her computer stinks and her daughters computer which does great with photos is having internet issues. 
*She also now has 5 kids all of which love to have her attention, 2 of them especially.  So when mom looks bored looking at a computer screen, they feel it is a great to make sure she has something to do.  :)
*Then there is the I just really have enjoyed being a family and though I love all of my bloggy friends near and far, it has been nice just existing and not feeling like I need to journal our life events.

blah blah blah-  so all that to say- I am back  - maybe for one post maybe for a million. I guess we will see.

so catching up since the fall-part one of ?

Oct 2012-  We survived the beginning of school.

We have 3 going to public school and one homeschooling.
Honestly I feel like I put in equal amounts of time into all of their education.  Between I.E.P meetings, parent teacher conferences, forms to fill out, homework, lunches, school programs etc.  I feel like I do as much work and preparation as I do with Kali's homeschool, and no, I do not think she is getting short changed.  She is very independent and self motivated and I am thoroughly enjoying doing school with her.  I am learning a lot this year.  :) And I am spoiled to have so much one on one time with her.

The wheelchair bus picks up Olya and Gavin.  It is wonderful! The bus driver is awesome and we think he is actually related to Gavin.  :)  He loves our kids and they get off the bus laughing almost everyday.

We are blessed with great teams for our kids. I do have to say though that I think Gavin has celeb-braty status at school.  He loves it, but this momma is keeping an eye on things, cause nobody likes a brat.  So far everyone loves him (especially the girls)and I am hoping to keep it that way.

All in all, our school arrangement is working great for us this year.  We may see some changes next year but that wouldn't surprise anyone. :)

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