Monday, January 25, 2010

Hyperbarics: Round 2 - Here We Go!

Jeromy is in progress of round two of Hyperbarics (oxygen therapy) with Eli. He will be doing 1 dive 4 days a week and, this time, Medicaid is paying for it. Praise God!! Please pray specifically that this will be a breakthrough for Eli to have better head control. Our first round was 40 sessions in 20 days which turned out closer to 25 days. I (Stacy) took Eli to Spokane, a one hour drive, and started the first session of the day at 7:30am. After the first dive we wasted about 2 1/2 hours eating and hanging out in the van. Eli, at the time, was so fragile that going into stores usually caused very unpleasant things to happen (ie. holding his breath, turning blue, wretching, and then screaming as loudly as any child you have ever heard). We then went back for dive # 2 of the day and arrived back home around 2:00pm. I know God gave me, and our whole family, the strength to endure this span of time. He also provided the encouragement and financial resources. Hyperbarics at the time was not covered by Medicaid, it was $5,600.00. Thanks be to God's provision we had most of the money in savings. It was there to start building our new house, but we felt God was leading us to use it for this purpose, for Eli. The state however ( Eli was still in Foster Care at the time) did not want us using all of our own money and asked us to find support from other people. I still have not figured out why, maybe because I needed a lesson in humility. We asked at church for anyone that wanted to join us to give and they did. We recieved almost half of the money from our church family. Thank you to all that gave. Did it help Eli? Well it is hard to separate out what helps and how much, but I can tell you that he has changed. He is getting better. He is a happy boy. Wretching is a very far and few between event. We can now take him just about anywhere without fear of being overstimulated to the point of disaster, and in general he is very happy. He coos and smiles and laughs and makes us smile everyday. Oh and the money, God has blessed us abundantly. He continues to provide materials and money for our house and it is looking beautiful. Jehovah Jireh!


  1. I've noticed a change in the lil guy at church, I couldn't believe it when I walked past him and he reacted and smiled so big!
    Praise God! We will pray he continues to get well and God continues to give you guys the strength you need.
    You guys are simply amazing!

  2. I've noticed a change in the lil guy, I couldn't believe it when I walked past him at church and he reacted and smiled so big!
    Praise God he's able to get these treatments done again! We will pray he continues to get well and that God continues to give you guys the strength that is needed from Him.
    You guys are so amazing.

  3. We are praying for the little guy!

  4. Yay!

    We're praying, not only for Eli, but you, also. What a blessing that Jeromy can be home to help this time around!

    We missed you last Sunday!

  5. We are praying for you all! I love the blog. This way, I feel like I am a part of what is going on! You all are amazing and I know God is faithful to bless your faithfulness.

    Love you all!

  6. Oh, my goodness! I just want to bawl! Everytime I hear from you, you motivate and inspire me. You and Jeromy are so loving and generous. God has trusted you with such precious gifts, and I know he will continue to provide for you guys! I'm so glad your house is coming together. I can't wait to see what it looks like next time we make it out there.

    Love you!