Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Favorite Things - The Hot Tub

One of my favorite things is our hot tub. We have so many fun family memories of time spent in the tub. It is a great place to play word games with grandma and grandpa, like going through the ABC's naming places, animals or names of people in the Bible. It is a great place to relax, though that happens, like never. It is a fun place to hang with friends and have summer parties. And tonight I love it because it is a great place for the boys to have fun doing therapy. Stretching is fun and Gavin has been practicing standing up. Due to his arthrogryposis standing is almost impossible, not only does he have very little muscle, but his legs and feet are not in a position that they can make contact with the floor flat-footed. But in the hot tub he can stand on my legs, giving him good foot contact and with the water helping to hold his body, he is able to stand with only me supporting his knees. He is soooooo proud of himself.


  1. A hot tub sounds like so much fun!

    That is so cool that he can practically stand in the hot tub!

  2. That is SO awesome! Way to go Gav!

  3. Good to see you guys in blog land!

  4. We loved playing the word games while enjoying the hot tub soak with "the family" Can't wait until this summer when we can do it all again!

    Great job, Gavin ~ How exciting! We love you and we love the rest of you, too! :)