Tuesday, March 16, 2010


" I'm almost 3"

chillin in the swing

"Guardianship hearing, Eli is ours!"

trying to kiss daddy

around Eli's 2nd birthday

just before Eli's 1st Birthday

I truly hope it is a happy birthday for Eli. He has not truly had a happy birthday yet. Birthday #1 was just over a month from his injury and he was so overly stimulated he could not hardly handle being out of his room. Birthday # 2 he ended up really sick with a cold. We actually woke him up to sing to him and give him a present. He was in no condition either time to enjoy any part of his special day.

I had big hopes for this year. Eli has had so many good weeks, laughing and smiling and cooing. But this week after many weeks of great progress and nothing but smiles from Eli, he has once again fallen into a bit of a slump. Back to seizures, retching, holding his breath and turning blue. He has ended up with a terrible cold and had a 100-103 fever for 2 days. I am praying he will recover quickly and be ready for a little birthday fun. If he is feeling well he might even get a taste of his own birthday frosting.
We love you sooo much Eli and we pray God will bless you with peace and joy. You have brought such an amazingly unexplainable joy to our lives and we hope you have a truly Happy Birthday.
Love Dad, Mom, Kaly, Ayla and Gavin


  1. Happy Birthday Eli!

    I hope you get back to your happy self soon so you can enjoy your special day!

  2. I hope Eli feels better soon and has a great birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday, Eli!