Monday, March 8, 2010

The Royal Festival

Kaly and Ayla with flowers from Gma Becky and Gpa Mark!

The girls were able to participate in their first gymnastics competition, The Royal Festival. It was so exciting to see them performing the skills they have been developing the last couple of years. Kali started her team off on the beam. I knew very little about the scoring, so when I heard the man next to us say in amazement that the score on the beam was a 9.0. I said "really that was my daughter, is that good?" He said yes that is great. That started the night with a lot of excitement.

Kaly's scores:

beam-9.0/10 5th place in her age group
all around-34.75 7th place in her age group

Ayla's scores:

vault-6.6/9 5th place in her age group
bars-8.2/10 5th place in her age group
floor-8.9/10 4th place in her age group
all around-31.6 5th place in her age group

Ayla's floor routine.

Kaly's floor routine.

Grandpa Mark and Grandma Becky and a friend all joined us for the event. We had a great time trying to keep track of the scores and watching all of the girls perform. It was very crowded and hard to get great pictures so we went to my sister Aimee's for a little photo shoot.


  1. Yikes!
    Somehow I've missed your last few posts??!
    GOOD JOB GIRLS!!! You'll have to show Kira sometime, she loves that sort of thing!

  2. WoW!
    Great job, girls!

    Looks like so much fun...

  3. Great JOB girls!!!!!!

    McKenna was so proud of you guys!

  4. Great job, girls! We need to get together soon, I miss you.

  5. Boy that brings back memories! :) Ian's little friend competed that day, too. We had planned on going, and it totally slipped our minds. Wish we would have.