Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

Ayla, you were born March 2nd, 2001, at Kootenai Medical Center. You were only 2 weeks early and other than some fluid in your lungs and a couple of days in the hospital on oxygen you were healthy. Mom had a difficult pregnancy and at 23 weeks I spent 10 days at Deaconess Hospital due to preterm labor. From that time on I was on bedrest.

While mom was on bed rest, dad and grandpa were hard at work, building home #1. We were living in "the guest house" which is now the kitchen of home # 2.

After 8 months of trying to decide on your name we made a final decision and went to bed.

When I woke up around 1 am, I knew it was time to get to the hospital. I woke daddy and we began to grab our stuff. We took Kaly to gma and gpa's and began a long, slow, snowy drive to town. I was sure you were going to be born in the car. Once at the hospital daddy became very assertive. He wheeled me straight to the labor and delivery unit, not waiting for an escort. We made it with just about 20 minutes to spare. You were born at 3:09am.

You were a happy baby from the start, and you loved to be held. You have always been our social butterfly.

Some memorable events were:

  • you usually would rather smile at me than eat. You sometimes would smile so big your milk would dribble down your chin.

  • you would eat stink bugs that you found in the house, dead or alive. YUCK!!!!

  • you would sleep with your hands up in the air, Ryder did that too.
  • sometimes I had to leave the vaccuum running or have the TV make static noise so you would sleep.

  • you wanted to be a "tomboy" like Sadie and Shaylynn.

  • you have always loved babies and you have always loved to hold them.

It is hard to even think of memories of you without Kaly as part of it. You two have been the best of friends and are rarely separate. I am so thankful God saw fit to surprise us with you so soon. In many ways you are like twins. You have a bond that is so wonderful, I hope you will always cherish your friendship. I love watching you come up with so many ideas of things to do and creative adventures. Even spa/hot tub night in your bedroom. You crazy little girls.

Over the last 9 years we have enjoyed so many fun memories. Ayla, you have become such a beautiful young woman.

Some of Ayla's favorite things:

  • Gymnastics at home and in class

  • taking pictures, she is learning a lot from watching aunt Aimee and Crystal

  • talking on the phone to Sadie and McKenna

  • googling over babies

  • creating forts and playing in them

Ayla, today we celebrate your 9th birthday and all the wonderful memories we have together.



  1. Happy Birthday Ayla! Thanks for being the sweetheart you are!

    Luv ya!

  2. What a beauty! Happy Birthday, Ayla!

  3. Ayla - Happy Birthday!!! I had to laugh when I read the part about her smiling at you more then eating because just today I had to call my mom and say to her "how do you get a baby to eat when all he wants to do is smile at me and laugh" Maybe Wyatt will be just like you Ayla - that would be wonderful!