Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gavin and the Monster Jam

Okay, so maybe the whole show was not entirely for the Gavster.

It all started back some time ago when we borrowed a Wii Monster Truck video game from the video and everything else imaginable store, (also known as Grandpa and Grandma Stuart’s). Gavin, at first, was enthralled with the intro piece and then later figured out how to drive the truck back and forth while proceeding to smash into whatever happened to be in the way. The rest is history as they say. Everything was now about monster trucks, along with his other favorites: trains, tractors and anything else big, loud and powerful.

Then one morning Gavin woke up and wanted me to take him out so he could see the monster truck in the front yard or driveway or wherever it was supposed to be. The monster truck should be there of course because Gavin was gonna drive it (and I guess smash the rest of the cars in the driveway or maybe the house – I’m sure it would have been a phenomenal show if his wish/dream would of come to fruition).

So, what does a guy do about something like this but do the next best thing and take his son to the Monster Jam. So, we loaded up the van with Gavin, uncle Jay and his cousins; Drew, Austin and Ryder and met Grandpa Mark at the ultimate, the one and only, car smashing, good time American fun, Monster Jam. Smashing, crashing rolling and jumping. It’s loud and it’s messy and Gavin’s eyes were as big as saucers glued to the arena floor.
Before the show even started, however, is when the real magic happened. We had pit passes to go down and check out the BIG MONSTER TRUCKS, as Gavin would exclaim. As we wandered in the pit, a crew worker/security dude took notice of us (Gavin was in his power-chair). He asked if we wanted to allow Gavin to meet the driver and receive an autograph. Of course, we said certainly and away we went. I think Gavin’s eyes got so big along with his smile when we met the first driver that our newly found guide decided to escort us around and to meet all of the drivers. And so we did, by which all of the drivers signed Gavin’s power-chair (the bike). What a special treat that was.

I think people tend to see a situation where they can obviously make a special child’s day and run with it. One thing I have learned from having Gavin is that I get the privilege of seeing the kindness and generosity of others shine through, as they want to make a difference in another’s life.

And so, this post is not so much about Gavin as it is more about others or those who come into contact with him. What a privilege it is to be a witness to this. Thank you God for the honor and allowing me the privilege to nurture one of your precious little ones.

Till next time,


  1. Thanks, Jeromy... what a great story of love ... touching Gma and Gpa Scheel's hearts! We love all of you! :)he

  2. I've been wanting to take the boys forever! Looks like so much fun!

    I love how Gavin just seems to capture everyone's hearts everywhere he goes...