Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Loving Memory

My grandparents, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Lila are now together in heaven in peace, whole in mind, body and spirit. I sit here in their old house and remember so many memories.

I remember Grandpa sitting in the red chair dozing off to and episode of MASH ( a show my mom didn't want us watching). When someone said he was sleeping he would say " I'm just resting my eyes".

I remember many sleep overs with grandma and not being able to fall asleep because we would get the giggles about something and laugh until we cried.

I remember watching grandma effortlessly clean the kitchen and wash the counter top with a soapy clothe. Every time I wipe that same counter top, a vision of her flashes through my mind. I will miss these old orange counter tops.

I remember grandpa saying "Stacy honey" what do you think about this scripture, or some deep question I could never have an answer for.

I remember going for family walks and grandma, Katie and I laughing so hard about the sign that said "Slow children at play". I loved grandma's laugh!

I remember grandma humming and whistling a tune in her beautiful voice. Why didn't I get those genes?

I remember grandma and grandpa taking in a foster child. She was a handful but they had such generous hearts. They gave so much to everyone they knew.

I remember grandpa and all his money jokes. He always hoped for money, but the only thing he would ever do with it would be to give it away. Every time I asked if I could get him something he would say "A million dollars".

I will never forget grandpa's last wish was that ALL his grandchildren would LOVE JESUS.


  1. Such wonderful memories....

    I don't know why, but I was just putting 2 and 2 together and realizing that that was your grandparents house....

  2. Something about the way she is laughing reminds me of you...though I can't say what it is.

    Where would we be without grandparents?

  3. Stacy- your grandparents were so wonderful! Have you had services yet? Love ya - Selina