Sunday, April 11, 2010


We have a new song on our play list, one that brings back so many memories.

This song was there in the car as I drove down the freeway to see Gavin in the hospital, while I took time in the car to eat some lunch or just go somewhere comfortable for awhile, a refuge from the hospital. It was there when I drove him to and from all of his first appointments.

In the beginning of Gavin's life he and I spent a lot of time at Sacred Heart and Shriner's Hospital. Honestly I had many moments of feeling alone and scared. I remember sitting in the van one day praying and crying to God "I wish someone could be here with me, and I distinctly remember Him saying, in my heart, "I am here and I am all you need". Oh, I love when He does that. Around the same time this song became one of my favorites.

I dedicate this song to Gavin: he makes me want to be brave, he makes me not want to ever get caught up in the "status quo", he makes me want to let go and see what God is going to do.

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  1. Who sings this song? I need to hear it today!! :)