Sunday, April 11, 2010

If Your Happy and You Know It, Then Your Face will Surely Show It!

When Eli laughs it makes me laugh.
When we talk to Eli it makes him smile.
Life really isn't about what we can do, it is more about who we are.
Eli is a very sweet and pleasant boy that loves people.
It really doesn't matter that he can't really talk, or walk or even hold up his head. Those are things that make life more acceptable, but would Eli be happier if he could walk?

I heard a story of a family with a little girl similar to Eli. The family tried everything to help her get better, but the dad said something very profound. He said we are doing all these treatments for us, it is not for her, she is happy.

I want Eli to get better, but I have to think why?

I want him to get better because it would be easier if he could hold up his own head. It would be so fun to see him walk. I would love to hear him say mommy, but ya know what.

He is Happy and I Know it, Because His Face Surely Shows It.

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