Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scheel's Summer Camp

After waiting for 1 whole year, off to Cocolalla Bible Camp they were supposed to go....

but Ayla's 102.2 fever meant they got to stay home.
(Kaly chose to stay home with Ayla, even after Ayla told her she could go. It was really a special time to see them more concerned about the other, than themselves. )

We knew hearts would be breaking, so Jeromy and I devised a plan, CAMP AT HOME.

The cousins were also plagued with the sickness, so we figured no harm in letting them hang out together.

So after a long shopping trip collecting supplies for the week, the fun began......

The winning team in water games dumped the bucket on Dean Scheel's head!

Campfire and Bible study time in the evenings, the kids seemed to really enjoy this time. Kaly really soaks it up. I love to hear their insight into spiritual things.

A morning at the lake for some swim time, but they played more in the sand.

A quick stop into Hello Cupcake for ice cream.

It was a short camp, we all fizzled out by Tuesday but finished off the night with an ice cream party with the grandparents.


  1. They will remember the special camp with you guys forever! That shot of Jeremy is awesome!!!!!!

  2. That is so neat you guys did that!
    Special fun memories for sure!

  3. What a great memory for the kids, and you!