Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Time with Kali and Ayla

We are through the first quarter and here are some highlights.....

The New School Room
by Aimee VanDenBerg

Having a school room has been such a blessing. The girls love it! It has been nice not having everything in the house, though things seem to migrate back in on a regular basis. The girls do about 50% of their work in there, the rest is either in the house or on the go.

Science Center Ground Breaking
by Aimee VanDenBerg

This was a great opportunity for the girls and Gavin. They saw real robots bigger than they are and they even got to hear Governor Butch Otter speak. This is a picture with the governor.

Pumpkin PatchThe pumpkin patch is always a fun "field" trip. (pun intended)

Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center
This was mom's favorite. I had no idea! This is Dr. Bird's personal collection. I always thought it was a bird and aviation museum. You know about birds and flight etc. I was pleasantly surprised, it is his inventions and many other amazing and cool inventions. Dr. Bird invented some amazing medical equipment and it was cool to see it. There is a lot of cool planes as well for those of you interested in that kind of stuff. If you are near by and have an afternoon to spare, head on up, you will not be disappointed.

CHAIN- Our Christian based CO-OP

Science-History-Language Arts-Sewing-Dancing-Socializing-Pajama Day-Num chucks-Creativity

Oh, where does one begin to talk about co-op. I hate it and love it. It is a lot of work-I teach Idaho History, Ayla's class. I assist in a science class and sewing class. It is so much fun and the other families are great. I get overwhelmed every Wed. night and motivated every Thursday afternoon. Gavin has his own class and doesn't need momma. The girls love their friends and I love getting to have a Bible Study time during one of my breaks. The mamas and grandmamas are starting The Power of a Praying Parent.

IDEA-Idaho Distance Education Academy

Another love hate relationship. Becoming more love oriented. This is an Idaho public school program therefor we meet all Idaho State standards, do all testing and we have a contact teacher monitoring the girl's progress. It is all good, it just gets overwhelming and sometimes I just want to do it my own way. Our teacher is awesome and we have made it through our 1st portfolio conference. The girls take samples of their work and show their teacher what they have been learning. A long list of standards needs to be met by the next conference. We are over half way there. Yippee!!!

Overall this has been a great year. Ayla is working hard on reading fluency and making great progress on her speed and voice inflection. Kali is working hard on her spelling, but she gets those genes from her mama.( Sorry girlfriend, I got them from grandpa Mike. Keep at it you will get it. )

The girl's are so self motivated, sometimes they even come and wake me up and say, "mom, it is almost time for school." I do not know how I got such great kids, but I sure do love having them around all day. Praise God for the freedom to homeshcool.


  1. Ah, a school room.

    Jay is going to start, very soon, remodeling one of the basement rooms for just this purpose. We just got the first of our "fund" when he sold a 4-wheeler last night. Yay! The room is just to the left at the bottom of the stairs. I have big plans for that room. It's also going to serve as an office\play room. Then we will get some stuff out of the boys' room and they will have room for a dresser, which means they can put their own clothes away. Double yay!

    I'm really excited for you that you have one. I can hardly wait. Oh, to have a place for all of the books\supplies. It's going to be really nice.

    I guess homeschooling was kinda on the brain in blog land today.

    Good job girls! Keep making it easy for your mamma.

  2. Love your pictures and your update! The field trips look like a blast!

    Keep it up girls!

  3. You seem to be an awesome homeschool mama, i hope i'm like you with all the extras, it's so easy to think you don't have time, but i think it's very important. Great job girls!

  4. Great job, Mom, Girls and Gavin! So proud of all of you! :)

  5. Thanks for the tip off about the aviation museum. I'd heard of it, but didn't know what it was called.