Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday Fun!

What a wonderful day it was, a day I got to do whatever I wanted. Yes that means I got to rearrange the house and not even feel guilty about it. He He

It all started with the girls and I starting to decorate for Christmas, then it turned into where are we going to put the Christmas tree. Soon we were rearranging the boys' room so we could move Gav's computer into there which opens up a nice corner in the living room for the tree. Then we had to move a book shelf and the couch, oh and that led to moving the little play kitchen, which led to moving the corner cabinet back to the real kitchen.

It was a huge mess most of the day and I am happy to say about half of it is dusted and put back together. Yep that leaves the other half still undone. There's always tomorrow!

I do love rearranging and making our home feel a bit more homey. It often feels more like a storage shed, so when I get time to play and reorganize I love it.

I did also enjoy a wonderful breakfast with Jeromy and the kids. I got some quiet time to myself this afternoon and I got some really special gifts.

Jeromy gave me my wedding ring that I hadn't been able to wear for a while because one of the prongs had broke. It is beautiful, it looks brand new. He also gave me a ponsetta and chocolates.

Kali made me a quilt. She did every bit of it and has been hiding it for a couple of weeks. She has been so anxious to give it to me she almost spilled the beans. Oh her excitement was adorable.

Ayla made me a pillow to go with the quilt. She had to get very creative to find stuffing and a ribbon for it. She told me all about it and it was so cute to see how she solved her little dilemmas.

Gavin and Eli gave me the gift of their presence. Both of the boys have been so good today and Gavin was soooo excited about his room being rearranged. He kept saying over and over I love my room. He giggled so hard and squealed when he saw it.

I also received many many really sweet notes via Facebook, phone calls and texts. It is so fun to hear from friends from all over the place. It is fun to be able to keep up even in a small way with people that are so special to me.

I truly am blessed and I thank you all for your friendship and love and support.
36 years old and it just keeps getting better.


  1. Happy Birthday! I can't think of anything I'd rather do than rearrange furniture. It's so fun to get everything in a new place. I love clean and tidy.

  2. Happy birthday! You called me on your birthday! Lol what a sweetheart!
    This about moving things was making me laugh because chad never understands why id want to move things they should be left alone forever in his eyes! So I usually get that done when he's at work! Lol!

  3. I personally like everything just the way it's always been! Don't move my stuff! It messes up my routine. It may not be tidy, but I know where everything is and I can go about my day without missing a beat! Too much in life changes. Don't change my furniture, but I'm glad you had fun!