Sunday, December 18, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

I feel like we are at the amusement park and  today we are almost to the end of the long wait to get on the giant Roller-Coaster. Though we are thrilled and excited  to get on this ride we know we will scream and hold tight and yell at the top of our lungs. 

On July 5th we jumped in line to get on this ride called International Adoption and we have been slowly working our way through that LONG line.  We have done all of our paperwork no fewer than a million times.  We have had appointments and home visits and sent a million emails back and forth to Ukraine.  We have prayed and cried.  We have jumped up and down with excitement and slumped in feelings of despair.  Some days we wonder if this is ever going to really happen and then God does what he always does and encourages us.  

We still have a ways to go.  Please pray that the final bits of paperwork get finished. We know it is all in God's timing and we trust that, but we know He desires us to pray.  So we ask you to pray with us.  

We are so close to getting buckled into this roller-coaster, so close to no turning back, so close to "keep your hands and feet in the car at all times".  My stomach gets butterflies of anticipation and I get so excited I feel like I just might throw up.  I can't believe we are so close and I still can't believe we are doing this.  I know this is just the beginning of the ride and we have many hills and bumps and drops and curves to maneuver through.  God continues to guide us and direct our paths.  He continues to be our strength when we get tired and frustrated.  He is our hope, we know He has a plan for our girl and we trust and pray that His Will will be done. 

Thank you for your encouragement through this long line of paperwork.  Thank you to all of you that are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our girl.  We appreciate so much everyone's excitement and support.

I can't wait to hear that click, click, click of the wheels.  To begin that climb up that steep hill ahead.  The hill of the travel and the paperwork in Ukraine.  I can't wait because I know once we get to the top we will begin to fly.  We will fly around the curves and up and over the hills.  What a thrill it is and when we finally land at the bottom if we haven't peed our pants I will probably yell "let's do it again".


  1. hee hee
    i was going to say that:
    the "let's do it again!" part.
    with roller coasters, i have a love-hate relationship. there is something in me that compels me to get on. it's almost irresistable to me. once i am on, i am completely terrified. i start panicking and begging to get off. i start asking everyone if it's too late, telling them i made a mistake and i don't want to go afterall. then we get to the top of the hill and start over the edge. this is when i am so petrified htat i am unable to even scream on the way down. by the end i have tears streaming down my face. but i am not really crying, i am laughing. laughing with relief that it is over, laughing at the thrill of it, laughing at being so silly for being afraid in the first place.

    and I will almost always, without fail, ask to please, PLEASE, do it again.(except aftershock!)

  2. Personally, I hate roller coasters, which is probably why I haven't done much with my life :(

    By the way, that second song on your music list is Jeremiah's favorite! You are just making the Paparazzo's very happy people!:)

  3. Praying for your sweet family.