Friday, January 6, 2012

Color Party!

Kaly Surprised Ayla with this Color Pary!

Many of the ideas she got from the American Girls Magazine.

She worked for days ~ every spare minute :)

Party complete with mix and match accessories game.

A perfect quote from our stamp collection.

What better way to use the loft.

This little treat is a milkshake in a glass with sliced gum drops stuck to the inside.

I love my girls!

Little Bro made it in for 3.5 Minutes.

Pictures used for a coloring project.

No color party is complete without a hair time.


  1. So lovely and sweet! What a blessing they must be to their mama's heart!

  2. This is too much sweetness... brought tears to my eyes! :)

  3. You know me ... tears, tears, tears LOL Love those girls :) you have every right to be proud!! What tremendous blessings our children can be.

    Love you friend,