Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Update

This month we celebrated Ayla's 11th birthday with nine girls here for a sleepover! She had an owl party and we ate fried ice cream. Yum, my new favorite.


We recovered from the worst "cold" ever.


We took the girls to their first concert. Rockin Worship and we had a blast!


We had some major adoption paperwork scares, it still is not really clear, but we are totally at peace that God will show Himself faithful!


Gavin started successfully eating with a spoon in his very own hand! It is a lot of work but he is getting pretty good at it.


(Video to come)

Eli had his big 5year old Birthday! He smiled the whole day, and I am sure at least twice he said " I'm 5".

(video to come)

We said goodbye to my dad for a month. He's off being a workin man! That is an adjustment since we usually see him everyday.


We got an I Pad 2! We debated between a new laptop and upgrading our phones but decided this was the most versatile. Kaly does her school on our laptop and it weighs about 20 lbs so it wasn't the best option for international travel. We have been told for a long time to get an I Pad for Gavin. Well as with everything else, it is requiring adaptations. We did find a mouth stick that works with I Pads and are awaiting it's arrival. We are hoping to take it so our girl can use the IPad. Her hands are just like Gavin's. I do not know if she will like the mouth stick, but the I Pad is going to work as our translator, so I hope she wants to give it a go. We downloaded the Russian Translator as well as a travel app. Now I just need to figure out how to get my videos on the blog from this crazy thing!


God provided a FREE and perfect wheelchair for us to take to bring "Our Girl" home.


God has also surprised us with more generous gifts to help cover costs of food and housing while in country.




I "knew" He would! I just didn't really believe it. Someday He may get through this thick skull.


This adoption has been the ultimate faith builder, it truly is amazing.


After 9 months of this process, we finally learned to quit praying that things will go smoothly. That is obviously not God's top priority. Lol. We now are praying that through all the bumps and trials that He shows His power, and that He is glorified.


If He never allows a mountain in our way, then when are we ever going to get the opportunity to see Him move it?


I often have very little faith, but hey that's all we need, cause in reality it is Him doing the work anyway!


So this week is the final count down. In one week we are boarding the plane to fly off to the "wild unknown" and meet our very own precious treasure. She is waiting for us and knows we are coming soon.

The remainder of March will be spent packing and cleaning and wrapping up projects.


The kids are excited but getting a little emotional about mom and dad being gone for a long time. Please keep them in your prayers as well as my mom, she will be holding down the fort while we are gone. Praise God for great moms!


BTW We officially named our girl!!!! Can't wait to share her full name and lots of pics with you.




  1. O lady what a March you have had!! What a wonderful testimony...God is able! I have been in prayer for your family and KNEW God had it all covered but was so excited to see how He was going to work it all out.

    Happy Holy Birthdays Batman, you guys have "birthday season" at your house to. LOL

    Excited for Gavin and this monumental step, such a blessing, that boy :)

    Your Mama is a trooper!! Tell her that I am so impressed with her stepping up and filling this need! She is incredible and now I understand what a wonderful example you have had of strength and must get it from her :)

    SO excited for this stage of the journey "bringing your girl home," I can not think about this without becoming emotional...I know you are so very surprised at this revelation LOL

    Love you guys! Have an incredible time picking up your daughter!

  2. So glad you are going in a week! Praying your girl is ready for her family, and she embraces her new name and family! Please add us to Skype on your laptop so you can use O to chat when you can!

  3. Yes!
    Our prayers go with you.
    Can't wait to meet her!