Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adoption Updates

Why "Our Girl"?  Where are all the great pictures???

I would love nothing more than to show off our super sweet girl in pictures and share everything about her country, but due to her country's regulations we are not supposed to. Once she is home we can share a lot more. We have had such an amazing opportunity to have tons of pictures of her growing up as well as some video of her.  We have had a couple of emails from people in country that have met her and every single one has said, "she is sweet".  

In the last 2 second video clip she seemed a little lost and lonely, very curious about the American Visitor and she said, goodbye in English.  It sounds like she is trying to learn English.  :)  Praise God.  Every little bit will help. 


Our Dossier is in country! It arrived on Thursday.

Garage Sale

We had a great turn out for the garage sale today.  Thank you to all who donated.  It looks like we will do one more day of it in the spring.  


Our Raffle Winner was The Cameron Family!  Congrat!  
Crystal Beck Photography also threw in a surprise 2nd place winner.  A free mini session- the winner was Miss Smith. 


Misty is wrapping up The Quilt.  We have had a wonderful response and we are so glad that we will have something so special to give to "Our Girl".

Fees and God's provision

When we arrive in country we will give our facilitators the program fee of $9,000.

I was very a little bit stressed about this huge number.  I tried to believe that God would provide for us.
I really could not see where that much money would come from.  
I dreamed of a huge check falling from the sky, but I have felt God is teaching us in a very real way that we need to be faithful in the "little things". Being more conscientious about spending money and finding little ways to add to our account. God has also squished my pride a little bit more and allowed us to be BLESSED by our friends.  I don't know about you all, but asking for or receiving money is hard for us.  It is a huge blessing and very much appreciated, I think it is just pride that makes getting money a little on the strange side. 
We also love tax returns. :)

All this to say WE ARE ALMOST THERE!



  1. I am inwardly(and almost outwardly) squealing for you guys.

    We will keep praying!

  2. Praying! We love tax returns as well, and this year it was the only way we could move! God's timing for this promotion was perfect as always! And I've been so anxious about it for so long!!! Silly me!