Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boise or Bust!

Wednesday Night we realized
2 of our documents needed for our adoption were dated wrong 
and our tax form needed to be updated.
The paperwork we sent to get the apostille was due back on Thursday or Friday and we did not want anything slowing down this process, SO Kaly and I drove to Boise.

The plan was to get the apostille on the two last docs. 
My dear friend's mom lives near Boise and graciously allowed us to stay at her home.

Thursday night after arriving Jeromy called with the bad news.

Our I 171H came back with no apostille!
I emailed our facilitator in Ukraine and she said we had to copy it and notarize the copy, then The State would apostille the notarized copy.  

I cried!!! Our sweet hostess offered her home if we needed to stay.

Jeromy, Ayla and Gavin  are on their way with the form.

On Monday we will get it notarized here in Boise, 
go to the Secretary of State to apostille it 
then we will Fed Ex all of our dossier to Eastern Europe.

Kaly and I are enjoying some very relaxing time here with our best friends' grandma/mom.

Then tomorrow we get to spend the day with some very dear friends we haven't seen in years.

If we have time on Monday we hope to take the kids to the Capital Building.

Then we will caravan home and hope to be ready to get back into real life on Tuesday morning. 

Thank You all for your prayers!

All things work together for the good of those that Love the Lord. 
We Love Him and Trust this is All in His Hands.


  1. Aaargh! On a lighter note, did you know we're moving to Spokane?

    1. Shellie, so excited you will be a wee bit closer. Let us know when you are arriving and we can try to come help you unload your things.